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The MBSS Hairstylist foundation program is available to all grade 12 students of the Central Okanagan Public Schools who have an interest in pursuing a career as a  hairstylist. This 1290 hour ITA YOUTH TRAIN program provides students with the opportunity to earn their first level of training as a Red Seal Hairstylist while completing their high school graduation requirements.


The MBSS Hairstylist program runs full-time from September until June each year and consists of 8 elective courses as well as a grade 12 Work Experience credit towards high school graduation. Students will also be enrolled concurrently in English 12 to satisfy their grad requirement, if required.  The cost of the program is $950.


The foundation program provides 990 hours of in class instruction as well as 300 hours of practical experience in a salon. Successful students will earn a total of 1290 hours towards the 3,150 hour requirement for the Red Seal certification. An ITA Standard Level Exam (SLE) will be written in June and blended with the coursework grade to determine success. Students must achieve a minimum of 70% in all practical and theory-based coursework as well as an overall mark of 70% when blended with the SLE to be successful in the foundation program.


Upon completion of the MBSS level 1 foundation program, students can continue their apprenticeship by working in a salon as a paid apprentice and completing their 2nd level of technical training at an approved post-secondary institution before qualifying for their Red Seal certification exam. Students that are able to secure an apprenticeship immediately after the foundation program and earn 900 hours of apprenticeship work will receive a financial award of $1,000 from the Ministry of Education. Some restrictions apply.


For more information and how to apply please visit your school's Career Center and speak to a Career Coordinator.

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Mount Boucherie Secondary School

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West Kelowna, BC


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